Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Nothing Sadder Than Waking Xmas Morning and Being an Adult!

I long for the days that I couldn't sleep because I was so freaking excited for Christmas morning.  Growing up is not what I once thought it would be. Me and my sister would both be so giddy all night, giggling.  We'd wake up as early as 2 am, sneak out and open our stockings.  My mom (I mean Santa) would always bring us a note pad and pens so we could write notes to each other and play MASH.  My mom is just as bad as we are and would often wake up and come watch us open our stockings.  Then the three of us would stare at the clock and anxiously await 5 am so we could wake up dad.  This year we sent my niece in to jump on Papa's head.  Ha ha, she was so scared.  We were not scared of waking up dad on Christmas, we waited long enough.

Hunter, my cutie nephew!
My mom ordered me this super cute ornament set; it's tools.
Alison and I just loved this dress (PUKE)!
She's so cute.  I love my Chloe:)  In line waiting for Santa.
Flawless pic!  A fake smile, but she learned it from her Aunt Aunts.
Aunt Aunts cuddling with Landon, the newest addition. 
Chloe looks so excited (or not.)
Chloe and her momsky, opening stockings.  Al-Bal and I did a stocking for each other.
The older cousins (well the second to oldest group).  I'm glad they like each other.  Not everyone fights like me and Nathan (my cousin who is 9 days younger than me).  We always come around though, eventually.
Because I was missing Ty Ty's Xmas eve dinner where his uncle makes twice baked potatoes every year, I talked mom into making me twice baked tators.  Well of course I helped.
Ty Ty's mom got me the cutest owl things.  Wine tastes so much better when you're drinking out of a cute glass.
Although I struggled to get in the Xmas spirit this year, I still loved it of course.  There is nothing better than having an excuse to see your family. In fact, I felt like my family was a lot more loving and excited to see each other this year.  It was the first year without my Grandma Hughley and happily my grandpa and my mom hung in there and enjoyed themselves.  My grandma would want us to celebrate and have a good family bonding experience.

And to leave you with a random question.  Why is there catnip in the children's tea?