Thursday, January 31, 2013

Excitement is in the Air

Vegas for Daylon's Birthday - Daylon has decided we're going to Vegas for his birthday.  I have a hate, hate relationship with Vegas cause it was my break up trip place.  However, I have complete faith that going with Daylon will completely change my opinion.  We have fun wherever we go; I just hope we make it out alive!  And we are most definitely zip lining through Fremont.

Sugar and Spice and Drinking is Nice Birthday Party - I will be hosting a spicy, sweet birthday party.  There will be spicy cocktails, burn your mouth food and a candy bar.  And it all takes place at Panty Droppers of course.  Can't wait to celebrate with all of my amazing friends.

Coed Passion Party - My friend Yolande is hosting a coed Passion Party this weekend.  Who knows what treasures I will come away with.  I'll definitely fill you in after the party.  I just hope the boys behave.

Renee and Mike's Bun in the Oven - My besties, Renee and Mike, are about to pop out another little one!  I'm crossing my fingers for a girl, but they get mad when I say that.  I just want to dress a girl; it's so much more fun.  Girls are more cuddly too.

I'm excited about two other things, but in fear of cursing them, I'm holding off on sharing.  In due time I will come clean.