Sunday, July 29, 2012

Goods That Make Me Go Hmm

Just got back from a long weekend with no technology.  We were out of range, so every time I clicked on Facebook or my Emails I was saddened by the “lost connection” message.  It’s almost embarrassing to admit how addicted I am to be “connected”.  But, I have to say it is a treat to catch up on emails, blogs and news from the social real when I get back.  So this post is a few products that caught my eye and made me go hmm.
What’s a better way to get that delicious ice cream in your throat hole quicker?  A shovel utensil make for ice cream.  Well, it’s made for the Indian dessert Kulfi, but it’s the Indian equivalent.  These spoons are definitely going on my wish list.

Smoky food and drinks are all the rage these days.  So why not mix smoky with your dessert ingredients?  These smoked chocolate chips frighten me a bit, but I think they have potential.  I generally don’t like to mix savory with sweet but my most favorite thing these days is caramel with sea salt.  I think chocolate chip cookies made with these would be delicious.
Who doesn’t get intrigued by silver balls?  They remind me of the teeth breakers that we put on our Christmas Cookies.  These are Japanese mints believe it or not.  The retailer of these says, you either love them or hate them.  That makes me want to give it a go.
This pan creates a Hong Kong favorite, called “egg waffles”.  These are sold by sidewalk vendors as breakfast and a snack.  The pan creates a unique waffle that has crispy golden creases with doughy, tender, creamy centers.  I’m definitely a waffle fan over pancakes so I would love to give this variation a try.  I can just imagine my powdered sugar getting caught in all the crevices!


  1. We just tried egg waffles in NYC Chinatown this weekend and they are delish! Oh, and cheap. We got 15 pieces for $1 and the kids ate them up so fast.

  2. Awesome, so glad you had a chance to try these.


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