Monday, July 23, 2012

FitBit the tiny little motivator

My old coworkers talked me into purchasing a fitbit.  They are using it as a way to get in shape and have a little friendly competition.  It's as addictive as Facebook, some people have been calling it their socially acceptable crack.

Here's the skinny:
This tiny little device tracks your steps, stairs and sleep with wireless syncing to your computer when you are near your base station.  You can join online communities where you can compete against each other for who has the most steps.  It also offers ways to track food, and exercise, totally replacing my need for LiveStrong and Daily Plate.

This company has the most amazing customer service ever!  I heard from my coworker that when he called because he had lost his, they sent him a replacement for free.  Well, I lost mine on Queen Anne Hill last week.  I was about to order a new one (these aren't cheap), when I emailed them and they are sending me a complimentary replacement.  Keep track of these buggers!  When I wear it on my bra, I never have to worry about losing it.  But, sometimes it looks weird under my shirt.  So I'll have to come up with a secondary location to secure it.  

This is such a fun way to stay motivated, have some competition with your partner and continue to be health conscious.


  1. I will add you to compete against once I start wearing it again. I went from 8-9000 average to about 1500 being on my was depressing so I quit wearing it. But once I can walk again I will be back!

    1. Excellent. Tyler is finally happy because he is beating me only because mine has been lost since last Wednesday. He he. It's very good for awareness. Some days in the office, you just don't get a chance to get up and move that much.


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