Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Zumba–no rhythm necessary

I finally made it to Zumba this week.  I met my old coworker at a studio in the area.  I’ve done it before in a class format but mostly I just do it at home on the Wii. And believe it or not I still feel silly doing it at home by myself.  I’ve always upheld the idea that I can’t dance, have no rhythm.  But, I do throw down a mean DDR!
There really are many great things about Zumba here is the list I’ve come up with:
  • There is always somebody that looks sillier than you in the class (but you’re not allowed to laugh out loud, hold it in and go home and imitate said person to your loved one and laugh hysterically)
  • There is always someone more out of shape than you
  • It is an amazing workout, you would have to try really hard to not sweat
  • You get to learn hip thrusts and pelvis shakes, which can help you in other areas of your life, if you know what I mean.
  • And they played my theme song as the cool down, “Just the Way You Are” by Bruno Mars.
The clothes are bit ridiculous, but hey if it makes women feel sexy, or cool, or whatever, who am I to judge.  I will most likely attend in standard workout gear.
On another note, my Aunt Lisa is a Zumba instructor.  If you are in the Everett area, please check her out.  She’s all tight and fit because she eats, sleeps and breathes Zumba.  I do need to check out her class; I guess she is doing Zumba toning now.  Sounds amazing.  Here is her link:
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Thanks Yolande for meeting me for Zumba.  I will be going again soon.  I wish I had my replacement fit bit so I could’ve counted the steps.  Oh well.