Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Panty Droppers

I must tell you all about my bar, the reason why I bought this town house and the origin of the name and theme.  PANTY DROPPERS!  I'm sorry this isn't as non-PG as you would imagine, I promise.

There once was this amazing friend named Tim who I met in Texas.  Tim was always smiling and knew how to make everyone happy.  He had a landscaping business, which I hired to help me get my home read to sell, so he was over at my place while working on it.  One night when I got home from work, Mike (my bestie) and I were hungry.  So Tim leaves his crew and comes in, rummages through my cupboards and makes us an amazing impromptu meal.  He is the sweetest friend ever!  I've borrowed his margarita machine a couple of times for parties.  I mean, everybody needs a friend with a margarita machine, right?  Tim was so business oriented, he had the landscaping business, he was a real estate agent and also worked at this cute little Mexican restaurant.  (I say had and was, but he's probably still doing all of these things, I just haven't chatted with him in a while to know the deets.)  When he was working at the Mexican restaurant he was bartending one Saturday afternoon.  Mama AKA Jennifer and I were up at the bar and Tim made us these amazing drop shots called panty droppers.  It was 180 energy drink and three olives grape vodka.  These things were incredible and sure enough after a few I was ready to drop my panties, ha ha (not really.)  

Tim and his amazingly cute baby!
Mama and me!
So after my amazing niece Chloe was born, I decided to move back to the Seattle area to spend time with my lovely.  It was an exciting time, but unfortunately I had to leave behind some amazing friends! It's not so sad, because these friends are so real and loyal that they'll always be in my life.  

Real estate was so cheap in Texas!!  I really wanted to be able to buy something in Washington.  I fell in love with this 1970's style townhouse solely because it had a bar in the basement.  I didn't care that I have to do all of these upgrades, the carpet is disgusting, and I'll wish I had a dumbwaiter to transport items from all three levels.  When it came to naming the bar, it was a no-brainer.  PANTY DROPPERS was born.  This is deeply inspired by Tim, my amazing Texas friends that used to come to all of my parties, Rick's BBQ and some cool bars I've seen in Vancouver BC.  They have bars up there where people take off their braas.  So I thought with the amazing name inspired by Tim and his fantastic drink, we could start a new tradition.  The cover charge is a pair of panties.  The best pair that are on display came from this lady, Inga, who came over after a banquet that my parents were working at.  We had the after party at my house.  Well Inga was having a blast and happened to have a sexy short dress on.  She went into the bathroom and took her panties off!  We hung them up right away.  

I must speak a bit about Ricks BBQ.  This is where I met many of my amazing Texas friends.  It was this small little joint right by where my house was in Carrollton, TX.  The first time my sister and I went in there, people took us in. They made us feel like family and there was no looking back.  I ended up making several friends there.  So many in fact, that I was just back in Texas a couple of months ago for a wedding reception for my Rick's bestie.  It was our Cheers.  We'd go out every night of the week!  Thursdays were our favorite, TANK TOP THURSDAY!  
I happened to end up with this beauty of a sign which will forever remind me of the good old days.
One night there were power tools left on the bar, so I of course decided to unscrew this historical photo from the wall. It now resides in Panty Droppers.  Cheryl (red-headed slut), Clayton (#1)'s dad and some other regulars.
Just remember if you're heading to my pad for a party, you head straight downstairs to Panty Droppers an hopefully you brought your cover charge.